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Camper Advisory Committee

In 2014 SFAH established a Camper Advisory Committee (CAC).  The CAC consists of a diverse group of former and current campers and parents, members of the Board of Directors, and management.  It was formed to give campers and parents a stronger voice in future camp planning.  In addition, the committee provides advice, mentorship and assistance to our younger generation of campers. This Board initiative has become an invaluable planning and evaluation tool.  In 2017, SFAH’s Board voted unanimously to formalize the CAC by creating a permanent Advisory Board.  Members of the Advisory Board will endeavor to provide the Home with new perspectives based on their personal experiences and connections and will assist with improving programming and fundraising.

Currently the CAC is working on topics which include:

  • Camper fundraising

  • Mentorship programs

  • Maximizing the summer camp schedule

  • Camper recruitment

If you wish to contact the CAC with any comments or suggestions, or to nominate a current or alumni camper for the committee, please email us: or call (631) 283-1594 ext.103.

Camp advisory committee member named Jonah smiles with girl

NAME:   Jonah 

FROM: Tenafly, NJ

YEARS AT CAMP: 2009 - 2016


CURRENTLY I AM: Working in a local hotel and also helping out at a school!

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME: My time at camp was very special and I only wish i could keep going back! When I was an active camper, I devised my own fundraiser for SFAH by selling wristbands. My wish is to help provide magical experiences for younger children like I had.

Camp advisory committee member named Christopher smiles

NAME:   Christopher

FROM:  Brentwood, Long Island

YEARS AT CAMP: 2010 - Present


CURRENTLY I AM: At High School!

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME: I have been a camper at SFAH for 7 years now and i am considered a very active member of my bunk every summer, always willing the rest of the guys on to win Best Bunk!

NAME:   Angelique

FROM: Elmont, NY

YEARS AT CAMP: 2009-2013!


CURRENTLY I AM: Volunteering at the Mental Health Association, managing a consumer-run candy store! I am waiting to start my Masters in Psychology at Adelphi University in the Fall!

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME: I like to spend my free time with family and friends, reading and binge watching shows on Netflix!

Camp advisory committee member named Angelique smiles

NAME:   Angel

FROM: Brooklyn, NY

YEARS AT CAMP: 2015 - Present


CURRENTLY I AM: Majoring in Psychology at

LaGuardia Community College. I plan to earn a PHD in Clinical Psychology.

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME: I am a studious person who takes my work seriously and am passionate about my hobbies which include art, music, basketball and playing video games. I also feel I am a very selfless person who puts others first and always wants to help.

Camp advisory committee member named Angel smiles

NAME:  Johileny (Jo-Jo)

FROM: I was born in Dominican Republic and at the age of 8 i moved to NY. I'm a New Yorker!


FAVORITE CAMP ACTIVITY: Swimming & the Evening Activities.

CURRENTLY I AM: Studying abroad in London (NYU) as a Global Equity Fellow.

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME: I am a senior at NYU majoring in Global Public Health/Sociology. I am also Co-President of the Disability Student Union at NYU, my beliefs are based on integrity, quality and service. In my spare time I enjoy rock climbing, scuba diving, sled hockey, writing poetry and sharing my motivational story.

Camp advisory committee member named Jo-Jo smiles
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