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A Day At Camp

Even though each day at the SFAH has the same structure, no two are alike! Flag raising is the perfect way to get excited and energized for the day ahead. With two activity periods before lunch and clubs at rest hour, campers are constantly entertained and trying new things. Outdoor games, arts & crafts, and sports are just a few of the fun things we do throughout the day.

Plus theres theme days and visits from special guests, our schedule is jam-packed!

All campers also have the option to take part in our trips program. Campers go to the beach, sail in our adaptive sail boat, go on picnics, take in a concert, and enjoy sports events. 

A Day At Camp SFAH

8:30am - Rise & Shine!

9am - Flagraising & breakfast

10:30am - Morning Activities Begin!

Trips, sports, games and much more!

12:30pm - Lunch 

1:15pm - Rest Hour

Take some time to relax, hang out with friends or enjoy the rest hour club activities!

2:30pm - Swimming & Showers  

Time to  cool off in the pool and refresh!

5pm - Afternoon Activity 

One more chance to play games and enjoy an activity before dinner!

6pm - Dinner

7:30pm - Evening Activity

Time for the whole camp to get together and play some games! 

9pm - Back to the bunks! 

After an eventful day its time to hang out with bunk mates, rest up and get ready to do it again! 



Southampton, NY          Established in 1901

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