Registered Families Guide 


















Here you can find the resources you need to prepare to send your child off to camp this summer. If your child has just been accepted into a session, please read through and complete the steps below as soon as possible. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us in the camp office at (631) 283-1594

Step 1: Paperwork 

To streamline the paperwork we transitioned last summer into online forms. These can all be accessed by logging in to our campsite portal using the account information you were sent via email after submitting an application.  If you have forgotten your log in information click the link below, select 'whats my password', then enter your email. Please complete all forms no later than May 15th. 

Click here for detailed instructions on completing each of the forms. 


Step 2: Keep an eye out for emails 

All paperwork is reviewed as we receive it. We review the medical forms especially carefully so that we have all the critical information we need for your child before they come to camp. If we are missing forms, a doctors signature, or information needs to be corrected, we will reach out to you via email.

You will also receive several emails in the weeks leading up to camp.

Emails to expect: 

Paperwork confirmation: once all of your child's forms have been submitted, reviewed, and approved, we will let you know! 


Medication confirmation: we will ask you to confirm that your child either takes no daily medications, or takes the medications listed by your doctor on the medical forms. This gives us time to have any paperwork collected or corrected if need be.

Transportation confirmation: the week before camp, we will ask you to confirm that your child will be meeting us in the city or will be brought to camp. Camper files must be brought into the city for check-in if they are taking the bus, so we must know who to expect there.

"What you need to know before camp": you will also receive this email in the week before camp. It contains any last minute information you might need- packing instructions and reminders. 

Step 3: Sending your child off 

On the first day of camp, you will meet with the camp nurses to review your childs medical information and care needs. Hopefully any paperwork errors have already been addressed so that this can be a quick and easy process. If you are bringing your child directly to camp, you will also have the opportunity to meet their counselors and see their bunks! 

Step 4: Enjoy yourself and keep up with us!  

We'll be making the most of the time your child is here with us--you should too! As you are hopefully laying on the beach, don't forget to watch our social media accounts for daily photos and updates!