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Camp Forms 2020

All forms may be accessed and completed online through the parent dashboard.

You will not be able to access these forms until your child has been accepted into camp. 

If you require a hard copy of the camp forms please call the camp office at (631) 283-1594.


How to Complete the Required Forms 

Camper Health Care Forms

Camper Care Questionnaire 

Medical Supplemental Pack 

Parent Sign Off Pack 

Camper Health Care Forms

Please have these forms completed by your child's physician. All paperwork must be reviewed and approved by our staff nurses before the start of camp. We often find missing or contradictory information that requires further communication with you and the physician. For this reason, it is important we receive these forms well before the start of camp. Medical forms should be submitted no later than May 15th to the camp office at the address below or fax to 631-283-7596

Attn: Camp Director

36 Barkers Island Road

Southampton, NY 11968

The Camper Health Care Forms can be downloaded here. 

Please make sure the physician: 

  • Completes and signs EACH page of the packet, even if it does not directly apply to your child. We can only be sure that your child has no medication to take while at camp if we receive the form with no medications listed and signed by their doctor. 

  • Includes any supplements or vitamins your child needs on the medication administration orders-otherwise, it will not be given. 

  • Provides specifics; you may want to review the forms before submitting them to make sure your physician has included the dosage and any specific instructions for all medications. 

  • Doesn't forget to include orders for emergency medications (for seizures, allergic reactions, etc.) 

Camper Care Questionnaire

This questionnaire provides us with the information we need to care for your child best. It helps us ensure we have adequate resources available to meet your child's care needs. Head counselors will review this information to prepare for the start of camp, so please make sure it is accurate and as detailed as possible. 

If you'd like to provide any additional information to your child's head counselor, feel free to email the camp office at Our counselors work very hard to learn as much as they can about your child before they arrive, so any information is appreciated. 

Medical Supplement Pack for Parents 

  • In Case of Emergency Form 

  • Camper Health Insurance Form


  • Meningitis 

  • Permission to Dispense Medications 

Parent Sign-Off Pack 

  • Swimming Skills Evaluation and Permission Form

  • Camper Communication Policy 

  • Sunscreen & Bug Spray Permission 

  • Legal

Have a question about completing the forms? 

We'd love to help! Call the camp office at 631-283-1594

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