Donating Furniture

We are currently not accepting furniture donations.

We accept new and gently used furniture, home furnishings and accessories for our sale from early September through mid-May.  The items we collect throughout the year will be displayed by our designers and sold at the event to raise funds that will go directly toward our mission of providing an enriching camping experience to over 150 physically challenged children.

Please contact the office after Labor Day to donate to our 2019 D-D-D Sale.


We reserve the right to refuse any items that are not in salable condition

After items are reviewed by our designers, we will arrange a pick-up – either by SFAH staff or a moving company we work with throughout the year.   Because of rising costs, the Home may not be able to pick-up items in New York City without some financial assistance from our donors. Please speak to the furniture coordinator to discuss options.

As a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, you will be provided with a receipt of your donated items for your taxes.  We do not provide values for your donations.

The total value of your donation is tax deductible within the limits of the law. The Internal Revenue Code permits taxpayers that itemize their deductions to deduct the fair market value of contributed merchandise for income tax purposes.  It is the obligation of donor to determine the actual value of articles contributed.  If you believe the value of your contribution is substantial, you should have the merchandise comprising your contribution evaluated by a qualified appraiser and consult a tax advisor. 


The Southampton Fresh Air Home cannot sign any IRS tax documents attesting to the value of your donation without a qualified appraisal. IRS tax forms and accompanying appraisals must be submitted to the Home for signature prior to the date of the sale following your donation — this year, June 2, 2018. 



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