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The Southampton Fresh Air Home

Founded in 1901 The Southampton Fresh Air Home (SFAH) has always been dedicated to working with children with physical disabilities. Today, 122 years after its humble beginnings, SFAH is a premier sleep-away camp for youth with physical disabilities. Children between the ages of 8 to 18 participate in three-week and one-week sessions during the summer months. The Home's unique, adapted programs are similar to those of traditional camps. Our adaptive sports centers run swimming, basketball, sailing, tennis, and archery in the outdoors. While our arts center runs music, dance, drama, computers, games, cooking, and arts and crafts in the cool of the indoors. With our fleet of adaptive vehicles we also offer many off-site trips to local beaches, museums, concerts, sporting events and more. 

SFAH Activities Program
SFAH Camp Sailing program

SFAH is barrier-free and our campus conforms to ADA standards for special needs children. Nestled in our pristine setting are swimming pools, sports courts, and activity buildings. Children live in spacious climate-controlled fully equipped dorms with 24-hour staff. The Home has a professionally staffed, full-service kitchen with many choices to keep even the most discerning child's appetite happy! Registered nurses provide around the clock medical coverage in the Mulholland Health Center, and a doctor is on call at all times. Southampton Hospital is only 5 miles away. Therapy services are available on-site and transportation for campers is provided to and from New Your City.

SFAH provides an environment in which children with physical disabilities can socialize with one another and enjoy playing and competing in games and sports designed for them. Campers mature and develop in the Home's unique and supportive environment of love, understanding, and creative play. Many children who come to camp at the Home enjoy their first experience of leadership, competition, and independence - experiences they carry with them throughout their lives. During the camp season, and on retreat weekends, parents and siblings of campers take advantage of the time together, away from the tasks associated with caring for a physically disabled child. They relax, go on vacation, and prepare for the next school year. 

Camp Dates for 2024

SFAH Calendar
SFAH Calendar
SFAH Calendar
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