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Year-Round Progams

Mini Sessions & Day Trips

Join us for small group themed overnight sessions at SFAH all year round! We also take our campers on outings to your favorite places including skiing, sports games, concerts, museums, craft workshops and more!

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Home Away from Home

After SFAH campers age out of our programs, they often lose the community that most supports their independence aspirations. At Home Away from Home, SFAH alumni spend time at camp engaging in life skill exercises such as cooking, care management, and household maintenance!

Special Events

We host several events annually for all of our campers, alumni and their families. These include the SFAH Holiday Party, Spring Family Fun Day and Friendsgiving in November.

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SFAH Social's Program

Aimed at our alumni campers who have aged out of the summer program, we offer recreational activities in the community where our alumni campers can connect and enjoy a wide range of experiences.

Equipment Exchange

We understand the importance and high cost of equipment that many of our campers need. This program aims to temporarily and/or permanently match adaptive and therapeutic equipment to our campers and alumni. Please let us know if you have a need for any or have any equipment in good working order that you wish to donate to another camper in need.

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'After Campfire' Podcast

The goal of the SFAH Podcast is to not only have a platform to share life-changing camp memories but to also provide an important resource for people of all abilities to learn the ins-and-outs of disabled perspectives through topics such as fostering social connections despite being able to spend personal time together or experiences with poor disability etiquette in public.

Campers Give Back

By hosting our own, smaller, fundraisers, it gives alumni campers the opportunity to learn about the financial aspect of independent living in a way that lets them understand the importance of budgeting, fostering connections, and public outreach.

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Camper Advisory Committee

A small, diverse group of current and alumni campers use this platform to convey their thoughts and expertise through undertaking projects and attending regular meetings which help our organization design future programs and events.


Camper & Alumni Resources

We are committed to providing resources and relevant information of agencies and programs that we hope will be useful to our community. Let us know if we can help you in any way, or if you have a resource, service or idea that may help others.

For more information about any of our year-round programs please email or call (631) 283-1594

Our Year Round programs are generously supported by:

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