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Packing for Camp


When packing for camp, if possible, please make sure that all clothing and belongings are marked with your child’s name. If you are unable to do this we will discreetly label your childs clothes on the first day of camp. Please avoid sending your child with expensive or sentimental items; camp is a busy place and it is difficult for us to guarantee the safe return of such items.

Laundry will be done once per week. We try our best, but there is always the possibility that items may shrink, change color, or get lost, so if your child is attending the one week session and you do not want their clothing washed, please let us know and we will keep all of their clothing in a separate laundry bag for them to come home with at the end of the week. 

On the first day of camp, counselors will write a detailed list of your child’s clothing. If you are able to complete this list prior to camp as you are packing, it would be appreciated. A fillable packing list can be downloaded here.

Medications & Medical Supplies


If your child takes daily medications, please do not pack them with the rest of their luggage. They will be given to the nurses during check-in so that they can be counted and approved.

If your child requires diapers, catheters etc. please make sure to pack enough for their whole stay, plus some extra! We swim every day, so please take that into consideration when packing. 



What NOT to Bring

  • Cell phones & electronics

  • Money

  • Sentimental and/or valuable items

  • Towels 

  • Pillows & bedding

Any cell phones or electronic devices brought to camp will be collected on the first day and locked away for the duration as per our communication policy. Please leave their phones at home to avoid the possibility of misplacement or damage. In the event that your child must contact you, we will arrange for them to use the office phone.

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