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Financial Assistance

At the Southampton Fresh Air Home we aim to make camp an option for all, regardless of finances. 


To make this happen we offer a number of options that enable every parent/guardian to give their child the gift of an amazing summer camp experience.

Please be sure to review all of the options below. If you have any questions contact the camp office at (631) 283-1594. We are happy to discuss all of the options open to you.  

Paying for Camp

As a not for profit organization the Southampton Fresh Air Home relies on the generosity of our donors to fund the majority of our programs. While we are proud to offer a generous scholarship program, the true cost to host a child at camp for one or three weeks is expensive and consequently we require everyone to help with the cost of camp. Please take time to review the resources below to see if your child is eligible for funding for camp. We are happy to help with all applications and please feel free to call us to discuss all of the options available to you.


Reimbursement Programs 


Reimbursement programs pay for purchases or expenses related to the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. Families may be reimbursed for the cost of goods or services that are not covered by current programs, entitlements, or insurance. You must apply to an agency and get approval for your purchase. Reimbursement Program Guide

Include NYC Family Reimbursement Program Guide


The Office for People with Developmental Disabilities is a great resource to help coordinate services for people with disabilities. OPWDD provides NY state-funded family support services which are designed to assist families in providing care, employment and training. OPWDD has eligibility requirements - you need to have an existing case.  Please also note that many family reimbursement programs require OPWDD eligibility and an open case. Contact your FSS liaison or click here to see if they can provide financial assistance for camp.

SFAH Financial Aid Program 

The Southampton Fresh Air Home operates a generous scholarship program to help every parent afford camp. Once accepted into camp every parent has the option to apply to the SFAH scholarship application.  Financial Aid awards are offered on a sliding scale based on need.  In order to apply for financial aid, we do ask that all families allow us to help you with applying for outside funding that may help to pay for at least a portion of your camp. 

If you are reluctant to apply to camp without knowing of your scholarship eligibility please contact the camp office at (631) 283-1594. We will happily be able to help you know the approximate amount you will have to pay.  Please note that there is a $100 deposit due for all campers. This is payable only once a camper is accepted.  There is no cost to apply to camp. 

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