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Registered Families Guide

Welcome! We're so excited to work with you to ensure that your child has an amazing summer at SFAH!

Here you can find the resources you need to prepare to send your child off to camp this summer. If your child has just been accepted into a session, please read through and complete the steps below as soon as possible. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us in the camp office at (631) 283-1594


  • Parent To-Do

  • Expectations

  • Camp Resources


Please note: Your child's summer placement is dependent on these forms. Failure to submit this documentation is subject to forfeiting their enrollment placement.

Step 1: Forms DUE MAY 15

  • Complete ALL online forms via our online 'Campsite' Portal 

    •  The log-in information is the same information used to submit the online application

    • Click here for detailed instructions on completing each of the forms. 

Step 2: Submit supporting documentation DUE JUNE 10

  • Send us a copy of your child's medical insurance card

  • Anyone applying for financial assistance are encouraged to submit a copy of their most recent Tax Returns (1040 Form)

Step 3: Physician Documentation DUE JUNE 1

  • Have your child's doctor fill out our 'Medical Paperwork for Physicians' 

    • Found on the 'Campsite' portal under the 'Medical' Tab.

    • We may contact you via e-mail if we're missing forms, a doctor's signature, or if we need some information corrected.

Expectation 1: We send LOTS of emails

  • Paperwork Confirmations: You'll receive periodic updates via e-mail regarding the receipt of all paperwork as it comes in.

  • Medication confirmation: we will ask you to confirm that your child either takes no daily medications, or takes the medications listed by your doctor on the medical forms. This gives us time to have any paperwork collected or corrected if need be.

  • Transportation Confirmation: We'll reach out to you to confirm whether your child is meeting us in the city or will be brought to camp. Camper files must be brought into the city for check-in if they are taking the bus, so we must know who to expect there.


Expectation 2: Camp Fees

  • Session 1 Full Tuition: $3,500

  • Session 2 Full Tuition: $1,500

  • Session 3 Full Tuition: $3,500

  • SFAH offers financial aid for those families who need assistance with camp fees.


Expectation 3: First Day of Camp

  • Upon arrival at desired drop-off location, you'll meet with our camp nurses to review your child's medical information and care needs.

  • If you are bringing your child directly to camp, you will also have the opportunity to meet their counselors and see their bunks!

Expectation 4: Sit back and relax!

  • While we're making the most of the time with your child--you should too!

  • Check your email for a link to DropBox with daily photos added!

  • Check us out on social media for additional photos and updates!



Camper and staff member together at the SFAH camp
Campers and staff swimming together in the pool at SFAH camp
Camper and staff member together at SFAH camp
Camper and staff member together at SFAH camp on the sports courts
Parent To-Do
Camp Resources
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